Bert Smith & Co. Donates to Students at High School Leaders Conference

During this year’s MICPA High School Leaders: Diversity in Accounting Conference, George S. Willie, CPA, CGMA, CGFM, Managing Partner of Bert Smith & Co., gave donations to eight (8) accounting students. Each student received $1,000 for a total donation by Bert Smith & Co. of $8,000.

Ms. Vanessa Thompson, student at Renaissance High School and recipient of one of Bert Smith & Co.’s donations, wrote “I would like to thank you for your generous gift given at the High School Leaders: Diversity in Accounting Conference at Wayne State University. I am very grateful for your benevolent act of kindness. Most people would not give away thousands of dollars to children whom they have never met before, but I appreciate you seeing potential in people. The money I received will be going towards my college education after I graduate high school. This is the first financial gift I have ever received whether scholarship or donation. I am very thankful to you for this and hope that I can help others in the future the way you have helped me.”

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