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Expertise Across a Wide Variety of Business Sectors

Focusing primarily on the listed sectors below, Bert Smith & Co. has the expertise to work with your organization and provide valuable financial expertise.

Government Entities - For decades, Bert Smith & Co. has provided cost-effective, timely and accurate services to meet the needs of federal, state and local governments. To help our public sector clients achieve their financial objectives, we provide counseling, assign dedicated accounting professionals to augment or assist existing agency staff, and take on a variety of special projects.

Bert Smith & Co. has provided accounting services to virtually every cabinet-level department of the U.S. Government, as well as federal government agencies and numerous cities, counties, authorities and commissions. As an authorized contractor on the GSA Schedule for Financial and Business Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Accounting
  • Financial and Performance Audits
  • Financial Management Systems
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Financial Planning and Performance Measurement

We also offer several services on the GSA Management, Organizational and Business & Improvement Services (MOBIS), including:

  • Consulting Services
  • Facilitation Services
  • Surveys

Healthcare Organizations - For more than 50 years, Bert Smith & Co. has met the needs of such healthcare entities as hospitals, nursing homes, individual and group physicians, community health facilities and other providers.

In more recent years, our mission has become even more critical, as our clients have faced increasing costs and reduced reimbursement levels. In fact, as managed care has developed, we have helped healthcare practitioners in almost every segment of the industry successfully measure and control costs—and increase profitability. In addition, we have conducted audits of nursing homes and other care facilities on behalf of state and local governments. As a result, we can help our clients:

  • Organize Financial Information for Reporting (such as analyzing purchase or sale transactions)
  • Prepare and File Taxes
  • Evaluate Operational Financial Performance
  • Make Strategic Financial Decisions

Non-Profit Organizations - Leaders of not-for-profit entities already know that many of the same business principles practiced in the corporate world apply equally to their organizations. But in addition, they also must satisfy the requirements of governing boards, contributors and other stakeholders. As a result, not-for-profits often require a specialized and distinct level of accounting expertise.

Our not-for-profit practice is known for providing sound advice, thorough oversight and a deep understanding of the special needs of associations, foundations, religious organizations and other not-for-profit entities. At Bert Smith & Co., we serve as a financial adviser to help clients maximize their federal resources and minimize risks associated with grant programs. We often assist in other strategic areas, such as cost negotiations, establishing controls and reviewing documentation to ensure compliance with grant specifications, and advising on financial system design, setup and computerization. We also assist with:

  • Indirect Cost and Grant Award Negotiations with Federal Resources
  • Annual Financial Statement Audits
  • Exempt Organization Tax Return

Educational Institutions - From an accounting perspective, educational institutions often have a unique combination of challenges. While their chief business is the education of students, they must also ensure that a wide range of financial and accounting processes and controls are in place to meet the requirements of their many constituencies and stakeholders.

At Bert Smith & Co., we're experts at performing internal control reviews for educational institutions to evaluate the effectiveness of their policies and procedures in such areas as payroll, grants management, student accounts, financial aid, purchasing/procurement, budgeting, receivables, cash disbursements/accounts payable, cash receipts, registration, property management and campus security.

Based on the needs of our education clients, we're also capable of augmenting existing financial and accounting functions. To serve clients that oversee school districts, for example, we can provide on-site support services, assisting in such areas as the development of budget documents, day-to-day payroll and accounts payable operations and the preparation of financial statements and Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports. The bottom line is that we help educational institutions comply with all their relevant accounting and reporting requirements, so that they can continue to focus on meeting their primary mandates.

Retirement Systems - Many organizations face rapidly-evolving audit and reporting requirements related to their retirement, defined benefit pension and deferred compensation plans. At the same time, the structure and allocation diversity within these programs continue to grow ever more complex.

At Bert Smith & Co., we provide a variety of auditing, compilation and reporting services for pension and trust funds of employee retirement systems. Serving both public and private sector organizations, our capabilities in this area include:

  • Evaluation of Plan Compliance with ERISA
  • Audit of Single- and Multi-Employer Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Assessment of Internal Controls
  • Investment Valuation and Accounting
  • Accuracy and Collectibility of Interest/Dividend Income
  • Financial Statement Presentation and Disclosures
  • General Ledger Accounting and Account Reconciliation and Analysis
  • Review of Cash Flow

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Availability on GSA Schedule: The Consolidated Schedule
For the benefit and convenience of clients in the Federal Government, the services of our firm are available through the GSA Schedule: The Consolidated Schedule - Federal Supply Schedule 00CORP.

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